Using arts and partnerships to impact social change. 

This is what sick looks like... 

The Picture of Health or #TPOH is an invisible illness awareness program inspired by Leslie D. Rose's own struggles with chronic pain. It seeks to highlight individuals living with invisible physical, chronic, and mental conditions through the art of photography, in an effort to normalize illness. 

We held our first event in May 2019 in partnership with The Healthcare Gallery and Jones Creek Family Dentistry. The preview exhibit then showed at Southern Cofe through the summer of 2019. 

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In 2014, Leslie was misdiagnosed with anxiety disorder. A diagnosis she believed as she was incredibly stressed trying to help her husband manage his new multiple sclerosis diagnosis. After three years of trying to yoga and meditate her invisible pain and fatigue away, Leslie was hit with a bout of neuropathy that literally knocked her off of her feet. This began the nearly yearlong second opinion process to find out she had fibromyalgia. All the while, well wishers would tell her things like "But, you look good" and "You don't look sick." 

Being so closely touched by a variety of invisible illnesses and having been misdiagnosed, shining light on invisible illnesses of all kinds became a passion project for Leslie. At the top of September 2017, it was a simple Facebook post that asked people to comment with a selfie if they have invisible illnesses. Some 100 photos later, Leslie knew the project in her head was much bigger than she could imagine.

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