Using arts and partnerships to impact social change. 

With a storied history of work in print, broadcast, public relations, and digital media, Leslie D. Rose knows media through and through. She has launched several lucrative media and marketing campaigns to help artists or business owners reintroduce themselves to area markets and remain relevant through her most popular offerings of guided brainstorming, bio writing, and photography. 

Services can be provided as single-time purchases or by contract. For consulting services, assessments are $75/flat and full public relations consultations are $250/flat (add $50-$100 for marketing). You may also schedule a $75 "Pick-Your-Brain" session that will allot 30 minutes for you to ask questions and receive guidance on a topic of your choosing. 

**An assessment is for the purpose of discussing items needed to do a job and is likely done via phone call, lasting about 30 minutes. Popular assessment topics include writing and photo marketing services. In some cases, your assessment fee may be waived or extracted from your additional purchase. || A consultation is an in-person or teleconference meeting lasting no more than 1.5 hours for which the client will receive professional advice and a follow-up list of recommendations. Additional services may be recommended and are offered at additional costs. 

Price ranges are listed, however, you must contact us to discuss your project so we may determine accurate pricing.

Long term contracts and one-offs accepted. Limited spots are available for long-term contracts. Client samples can be discussed during assessments.**


Leslie D. Rose, a journalist, creative writer, photographer, and public relations consultant, is the Founding Principal at CreActiv, LLCAfter years of writing for various area publications and a year and a half stint as the Editor-in-Chief of two sister newspapers, Leslie now balances a number of projects and roles in her industry. She works in national philanthropy communications and as a features writer for Blavity, Inc., among other projects. Leslie has national awards in marketing for integrated campaigns and special videos, as well as writing and editing awards in journalism. She holds a B.A. in mass communication from Xavier University of Louisiana.