Using arts and partnerships to impact social change. 

Louisiana Artists for Puerto Rico was a coming together of artists who worked in tandem to create programming to benefit the island of Puerto Rico through its ongoing recovery from the lingering devastation of Hurricane Maria. In Sept. 2018, near the one year anniversary of the storm, we held our first event, in partnership with Baton Rouge Gallery. Featuring 26 performing and visual artists in a variety style showcase, we raised nearly $2000 (on a $0 budget) to benefit Americas for the Conservation and the Arts' PR Resilience Fund. The funds went to support El Departamento de la Comida's mission to restore 200 farms on the island in 24 months. 

Louisiana Artists for Puerto Rico is inspired and supported by the #PoetsForPuertoRico movement that was started in New York City by three Latinx artists – Denice Frohman, Noel Quinones, and Willie Perdomo. It is a necessary way of sending our community a message – sometimes the poetry is about more than the poetry. What does it serve? In this case, poetry has thus far fed communities as well as funded sustainable agriculture. It is a true community effort to raise funds and consciousness. It has since gained national traction with events having been launched in NYC, Philadelphia, the Bay Area, Chicago, San Diego, and New Jersey, among other locations.

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